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Jacob van der Westhuizen, CEO & Sales -

Jacob van der Westhuizen, CEO & Sales –

Ross Finck, Cape Town Division Sales -

Ross Finck, Cape Town Division –

Rogan Kelsey, Johannesburg Sales & Acoustics Consultant -

Rogan Kelsey, Acoustics Consultant



Paul van der Walt

Benjamin Pro Audio’s focus on innovative brands, their wealth of knowledge and their willingness to help and consult, is what makes them my go-to retailer.

The Watermark High, The Now Museum
Christian Henn

Benjamin Pro Audio truly understands the science behind audio. Whether it be advise on how to get the best out of your gear, or what is the right gear for your project.

Vampire 9000
Pieter Greyling

Personally I praise Benjamin Pro Audio for their exceptional service and the quality of their products. This is no mere consumer based retailer people. HIGH END GEAR – GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR – FRIENDLY & TRUSTWORTHY SERVICE AND ADVICE. What more can one ask for? I really look forward to do more business with Benjamin Pro Audio in the future.

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